Friday, October 1, 2010

NYCC do or die list!

Last week a friend of mine was asked for her do-or-die traveling to a convention list-what a brilliant idea to make public? I'm going to put this together to send out to my friends heading to New york for the show next week.

My DO or Die comic con travel list!

plus some others' suggestions:

Bandaids/painkillers/first aide kit gear

"Sleepwear. you can't sleep naked when you're sharing a hotel room" (via ms. shy)

Physical list of people you need to see for meetings. Things get crazy. You will miss someone.

signage or display gear for your table

"extra underwear and socks, no im serious put that on the list."

simple foods and booze for the room

an inventory of all the products you plan to bring to sell or give away.

Lists of amenities that you may need near the hotel. It's best to have this before you go in case an emergancy goes down and you don't have time to waste looking.

nicer clothes for after parties.

more business cards then you think you'll need

hygene products

a good pair of walking shoes. Ladies, don't be clever.

What else should be on the list? comment and i'll put it up.


  1. - Plenty of ones, fives and tens to make change.
    - Sharpies and/or silver pens to get your John Hancock on.
    - Hand sanitizer

  2. Tide Pen or Shout Wipes. - At some shows, running up to the hotel room and changing clothes before a meeting if you got something on yourself during lunch/Sharpie accident/loose lid on cup of coffee is not always an option.

  3. A flask filled with whiskey and a carton of smokes if you're from out of town. (Even if you don't smoke you can always sell em for a profit.)